22 Dwellings Housing Block by MAIO [Barcelona]

March 8, 2022 0 Comments

Barcelona architecture studio MAIO recently finish this gorgeous building project for a private client. Located in Eixample, the historic neighborhood of Barcelona, this new housing: “22 Dwellings Housing Block” was designed as a system of rooms that can be used as desired, the program is not determined. Each apartment can be expanded or reduced by adding or subtracting rooms.

The flexibility was feasible due to the position of their bathrooms, where all the installations were placed strategically as points for water, air conditioned and electricity supply.

For the next coming years the floor plan is divided as a set of four apartments. Each one containing 5 rooms. Rooms are all connected and where no corridor is needed. The kitchen is placed in the middle room acting as the center of the house. The other rooms will be used as bedrooms and living rooms.

The facade is defined according to the height and composition of the adjacent buildings. It searches to consolidate the traditional style of the neighborhood where prevail opaque walls with vertical proportion openings, balconies with wooden shutters and lime stucco with decorative motifs.

The ground floor refers to the Eixample’s traditional halls where veined marbles and large spaces define the place of reception and representation.


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